Judy N. Ledesma

Things You Shouldn't Miss In Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist bathroom designs often confuse some people who have small bathrooms. Arrangement of furniture, decoration selection, to bathroom vanities in the bathroom also becomes a challenge when it comes to minimalist bathroom designs. Is it true that minimalist bathroom design is difficult to do? No, you can design a bathroom easily and don't need to be confused about how to do it. How? You can use the service from Palmetto Renovations.

1. The Right Color Selection
The choice of neutral and fresh colors will make your bathroom feel brighter even though you don't have a window. Avoid using dark bathroom colors like black, brown, and others. The dark color will make the bathroom atmosphere more narrow and uncomfortable to use.

2. Reduce Wall Shelf Placement
Because the minimalist bathroom design eliminates the use of wall shelves, hangers, displays in its placement, the solution is you can use a cabinet or small cupboard to put toiletries to be neater and not scattered about.

3. The use of simple decorations is very important
Accessories that you can put in the bathroom include small plant pots to add a fresh and cool atmosphere in the bathroom. Then put down soap bottles, towels, etc.

4. Use a Large Mirror
When doing a minimalist bathroom design, then you need to pay attention to the broad impression that you can create. For example, you can use a large mirror in the bathroom to create the effect of a wider space than before.

5. Right Lighting
Good lighting is very important to make you more comfortable and relaxed when you are in the bathroom. You can put the bathroom window near the bathtub. Windows placed in the bathroom will help you maintain the circulation of air entering the bathroom.

6. Bathroom Floor Design and Arrangement
Also, adjust the color of the bathroom floor with the color of the walls and furniture that you put in it. The color harmony between the bathroom floor and wall color will make the atmosphere more beautiful and comfortable. Then how to arrange a good wall?

Even though the bathroom is only a small part of the house, it doesn't mean that renovation will be faster and cost less. In order for the renovation to go well and as expected, there are several aspects that you must consider before renovating the bathroom. In terms of renovation, of course, the budget is the most important thing. The budget you allocate should at least include worker wages, work equipment, materials, and other extras.